Why would a mother murder her children?


I read with disbelief the article whereby Fiona Donnison murdered her two children, and as the newspaper article indicates she did so in order to spite her partner, the father of the children, who had left her a while back.

Trying to wrap my head around this is driving me absolutely crazy as I cannot believe that any sane person could so callously and without any feeling smothered a 3 and 2 year old babies simply to spite their father.

What has happen to the nurturing mechanism that mothers are suppose to have in order to protect their children with their life if necessary?  Where did Fiona Donnison instinct as a mother disappeared to?  It is unbelievable to even contemplate that any women especially a mother could have herself so wrapped up in any man that she would carry out such a heinous crime against two innocent children whose only crime is to be born to a person that have no maternal instinct and decency.

The thought that any man could make me harm my children would not even cross my mind much more to commit such a despicable act upon innocent children.  This case bear so much similarity to the American women who strapped her children in a car and send the car into the lake and drown her children because her so-called boyfriend did not want children, and then have the audacity to say her car and children were kidnapped, and even have the effrontery to shed tears on the television pleading for the return of the children knowing full well that she was the culprit that murdered them.

I was a midwife for many years and I have delivered many babies and the joy that I have seen in the eyes of mothers when you place their newborn into their hands is something beautiful to watch, so how can these mother then murder their children after that is a mystery to me.

The defence that she lost her job and this was a blow to her ego and that she was suffering from depression at the time that she murdered the children is poppycock, there is no reasons on earth for any mother to commit such a crime against any child, and I have been depressed, I have had a major car accident that caused me my job leave me disabled and it never occur to me that I should harm my children, so that the defence I would not buy into.

It is understandable that people go through depression and sometimes when you are depressed their seems to be no way out of your current situation, but however difficult that situation is there is no way that this should lead to the taking of children lives.  In her case she murdered the children out of revenge and resentment for their father and for that she should go to prison for the rest of her life and should never be any position to give birth to any more children.

There is a saying that ‘if you do not walk in someone shoes then you do not know how they fit’, well there are millions of people who go through severe depression and they do not go around murdering anyone much less children and anyone who can see this as an excuse or justification for what Fiona Donnison done is living in cloud cuckoo land and I am ecstatic that the jury in this case did not buy into that crap, and crap it is.

I congratulate the jury for seeing Fiona Donnison for what she is a cold bloodied, heartless and uncaring person who took the life of these two beautiful angel way from them and did not give them the opportunity to make their mark upon this world and what we may have lost because of the dead of these two children the world will never know.

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