Who lose when education becomes a battlefield?

By Sandrea:-MY OPINION

The proposal by Edinburgh university to charge English students considerable more in tuition fees than for Scottish students is disgraceful, if this proposal is agreed upon.

This is discrimination at its worse and in the long-term it is the student and the next generation that suffers and it seems to me to be smack of hypocrisy.  I cannot believe that these institutions and their governing body do not realise that they are using their so-called powers to destroy the education of young people.

Education should be the right of an individual, yet the government and institution make it so difficult for the young to attend university and then they wonder why we have a society whereby young people rebel in such dramatic manner. 

It is understandable that young people are frustrated and for those that will not allow the government and institution to prevent them from acquiring a university education they begin their working life with debts hanging over their heads.  The vast majority of students come from poor family and by attending university they hope to pull themselves out of poverty, but how can they do so when they have these enormous tuition debts hanging over them.   

There cannot be no basic in law for the Scottish to be trying to discriminate against English students and I am sure that they are well aware of those facts however, they believe that in this climate whereby education is being used as a political football they can just about get away with blatant discrimination and that no one will pay attention to what they are proposing.

Irrespective of where the university placements are every student should know that should they attend they will be treated equally, fairly and just and Scottish proposal does not allow this to happen.

Even though I disagree completely with tuition fees I have to however, accept the Welsh system of helping their student to attend university and the fact that they do not wish student to pay more than £3000, toward their education.

If these institution make it difficult for young people to attend university what do they believe is going to happen to this vast amount of youngster that cannot further their education.  Country like Japan spend so much on their young people to ensure that they can compete effective on the world stage yet it would appear that England and now Scotland believe that education should be a right for the privilege few and that the majority should not be given that right.

Government need to understand that if the recent riots across England are anything to go by, when young people get frustrated their anger becomes counter-productive and although the majority of people do not agree with that kind of violence it is understandable from a young person prospective.

I hope that this proposal by the Scottish will be defeated and students will not be discriminated against irrespective of where they live, if they wish to study at Edinburgh University they should do so in the knowledge that they are been treated fairly and equally.

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