EVER wondered about the reason behind your boyfriend’s sudden change in behaviour, or the cause of why he’s acting so much differently from the other men you know? Is your man a prince among men — a hand holding, cheek caressing, massage giving wonder? Or has he done a 180, and suddenly started bringing you flowers, or bawling at the drop of a hat? Men are hard to read, usually, but today you just might get to the bottom of why he acts the way he does.

So, what does he mean when he:

1. Starts taking home roses and chocolates for no apparent reason: If he suddenly starts to take you gifts outside of special occasions, then it could be that he is finally realising your worth and fears losing you. But then there are some men who also use this strategy to ease their consciences when they have done something wrong. Watch him like a hawk in the days after he does this. If he’s guilty of something, he’ll spill the beans soon enough, and if he’s just transforming into a prince, then all the better for you.

2.Suddenly becomes withdrawn: If your guy has transformed from a fun-loving, free-spirited guy, to someone who barely wants to see the sun and who shuns his friends, then he could be going through a crisis that he doesn’t wish for you to know about. Let him know that you’re there for him, and that you’re always available to talk.

3. Takes you home to meet his mom: Taking you to meet his family, especially his mom, could only mean one thing — he is really into you. Be warned though, his mom’s opinion of you will be critical in how he proceeds with the relationship. If she hates you, rest assured that there’s an 80 per cent chance that your union is damned, unless you can convince her that you’re worthy of her son.

4. Is willing to go out and buy you tampons: If your man doesn’t have a problem refilling your stock of feminine products, then you’ve got yourself a true winner. This will tell you that he’ll be in with you through thick and thin, and will think of you first always, and not of anyone else’s opinion of him.

5. Cries: If he cries over a sappy movie, or when someone dies, or when his first child is born, that’s acceptable and normal. But when he bursts out crying for no reason — like in the middle of a traffic jam when someone bad drives him; or after sex, something is wrong. It means that he’s overly emotional and can’t keep himself in check. A man like that can snap. A man who cries on he right occasions and for practical reasons, though, is a true keeper — a sensitive soul who will take care of you.