Western Australian man arrested over ‘meow meow’ import

A WESTERN Australian man has been arrested on drug charges after Australian Customs last week intercepted a quantity of methyl-methcathinone, commonly referred to as Meow Meow.

Organised Crime Squad detectives raided a house last Monday after the discovery of 94 grams of methyl-methcathinone sent from overseas and charged a man with attempting to possess a prohibited drug.

Detective Superintendent Charlie Carver said WA police were aware of the existence of methyl-methcathinone, also known as mephedrone, in the state, and have seized the drug.

Professor Steve Allsop from the National Drug Research Institute based at Curtin University said the drug had not been widely available in WA.

“We have limited information about what the long-term risks might be, so we should approach this drug with caution,” Prof Allsop said. “The acute effects of heavy use are not dissimilar to those arising from amphetamine use, including the risks of mental health problems such as anxiety and severe agitation, and there have been reports that, with heavy regular use, there is a risk of psychosis.”

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