‘We are not being held hostage!’

Tivoli Gardens and Denham Town residents protest outside the Denham Town Police Station this morning

HUNDREDS of angry residents from Tivoli Gardens and Denham Town took to the streets in protest this morning, insisting that, despite police information, they were not being held hostage in their communities.

“A lie them a tell,” said one woman who formed part of a large group of around 400 angry protesters who gathered in front of the Denham Town Police Station.

The action from the residents came a day after police reports that residents were being held hostage inside Tivoli and Denham Town and that their phones had been confiscated.

“See it deh we can come out. A lie them a tell say we held hostage and them take way we phone. See we phone deh,” said one woman before jumping over debris used to block one of the entrances to the area.

The residents said they were prepared to die for don Christopher ‘Dudus’ Coke.

And this afternoon, hundreds of the residents marched around downtown Kingston to voice their disgust with the hostage reports.

Dressed in white, they cried for justice as they said the police were casting the area don in a bad light.

“We want justice. A lie them a tell. A false news them a spread. We can come out. We are not being held hostage,” said a spokesman for the crowd which reached more than 500 strong.

The marchers walked from the police station to Gordon House and then back on to Spanish Town Road.

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