Former gangster cleared of police assault charges

Former  gangster cleared of  police assault charges CLEARED: French [right] A REFORMED Liverpool gangster turned millionaire and anti-gun crime campaigner walked free from court after being charged with assault and possession of a machete.

Steven French gained a notorious reputation in Liverpool for robbing drug dealers. Nicknamed ‘The Devil’ and ‘The Taxman’ for his fearsome reputation, the former British, European and world kickboxing champion is now a millionaire with his own security business.

In January 2009, police pulled over French, 50, and arrested him for driving a car with no insurance and for having a machete in his car that was concealed between the gearbox and the driver’s seat.

While phoning his solicitor to claim he was being harassed, a scuffle took place between French and PC Marcus Coast.  Coast claimed that French had assaulted him, injuring his hand in the process although he admitted that he competed in a “powerful” game of rugby the very next day.   Judge Holloway dismissed the claim of common assault, saying to the jury: “I don’t think there is anything in it at all.”   The car he was driving belonged to Lee Greenwood who was French’s work colleague.

Greenwood had recently been sectioned because of mental health issues that lead him to abandon the vehicle on the Yorkshire Moors while he was airlifted by police helicopter to a secure unit.   Greenwood accepted responsibility for the car and the machete which led to the judge halting the case.

French was said to be “delighted” over the outcome of the case.

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