Police kill four in Falmouth – Twin brothers among the dead

The scene of last night's shooting.

CONFLICTING reports are surrounding the deaths of four men in the quiet Falmouth Gardens Housing Scheme in Trelawny last night.

The dead men have been identified as 17 year old twin brothers Glendon and Glenroy Gordon; taxi operator Patrick Cunningham; and Robert Brown, also called Gussie, all of Race Course in Falmouth.

Police reports are that there was a shoot-out between cops and occupants of a motor vehicle the dead men were travelling in.

The police said they recovered two firearms from the dead men.

However, irate residents who gathered at the scene and at the Falmouth Hospital where the bodies were taken, contradicted the police version of the story, claiming the four were shot in cold blood.

According to alleged eyewitnesses, all four were passengers aboard a taxi being driven by Cunningham. The allegations are that the police used a service vehicle to block the path of the taxi, and opened fire.

One person claiming to have witnessed everything, said that after the passengers alighted from the taxi, the police continued firing, even as they begged for mercy.

The Bureau of Special Investigations has been called in to investigate the matter.

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