Wandsworth Council Knee jerk reaction

By Sandrea:-MY OPINION

There is a presumption that someone is innocent until proven guilty which seems to escape Wandsworth Council housing department official.  What part of someone being charged to being found guilty of a crime did they not understand?

No one is agreeing with the riots and carnage that happen on our street and we believe that those who, it can be proven took part in the devastation of businesses and property should be charged and if convicted go to prison.  However, for the Council to serve eviction order on a family because one of their family member is charged with taking part in the riots, is a deplorable and knee jerk reaction which people in this country seem only too well to be ready to do every time we have any civil disturbance.

These so-called knee jerk actions are some of the primary reason why we see young people explode and although the great majority of people are against the riots it is understandable that they are indeed frustrated with the systems.

How can it be right that when members of parliament inflate their expensive claims and steal from the very public they are in parliament to serve, they are given a slap on the wrist and it was proven that they did commit a crime and a person who is only charged with a crime is to lose is home and the family made homeless.  This is disgraceful and smack of the ‘old boy network’ where it is acceptable, if you are affluent and come from a certain class you can get away with murder but if you are a person from a poor environment them you are found guilty of a crime even before you are tried.

The government of this country does not seems to have the ability to hold discussions with its citizen in order to have decent workable laws that can govern the country effectively, it seems that every time we have any problems all that this government do is run abroad and look for answers, instead of consulting with the people in this country that really knows why there is a boiling pot of anger amongst the young they run to a Ex New York cop to tell the UK how to deal with unrest in our country.

What is he going to tell us that we do not already know we know that the breakdown of the social systems in our country is one of the reasons that are creating a lot of the problems?  Too many young people have died in police custody and there is no answers to why, too many young people without hope of finding a job, the erosion of parental rights to discipline their children which lead to breakdown of the fabric of family lives, so there is nothing that an Ex cop can tell us that we do not know.

I hope the judge will throw out the eviction order and demonstrate to Wandsworth Council that their actions are disgraceful, foolish and downright appalling.  It would have been understandable if the individual was found guilty, but they do not even allow the courts to settle the case before they are setting themselves up as judge juror and executioner, Wandsworth Council should be ashamed of them and withdrew this eviction order immediately.

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