US police murder accused holding four hostages

A man accused of killing a police officer is holding four hostages near a university in the southern US state of Georgia, officials said.

Police surrounded accused killer Jamie Hood in an apartment complex near the University of Georgia campus, authorities said.

Police said Hood released four of the eight hostages. Authorities initially thought there might have been nine hostages.

Hood, 33, is accused of fatally shooting police officer Elmer “Buddy” Christian, 34, a father of two, on Tuesday when the officer responded to reports of a carjacking.

Hood also allegedly shot and wounded another officer who later tried to stop him.

On Tuesday, Hood held up a man named Judon Antron Brooks, tied him up and put him in the trunk of his car. Brooks escaped from the car and found his way to the police, which triggered the manhunt.

Vernon Keenan, director of the state Bureau of Investigation, told reporters that the situation outside the apartment complex is “very tense.”

Hood said he would turn himself in only if his family were present, several local media outlets reported, citing the suspect’s mother Azalee, who managed to talk to her son.

Hood spent 11 years in prison for holding up a pizza delivery man. He got $3 in that robbery.

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