US airman: shooter had hate in his eyes

FRANKFURT, Germany—A U.S. airman who survived a fatal shooting of two fellow servicemen told a court Monday how he stared the gunman in the face and saw “hate in his eyes.”

Trevor Brewer, 23, was on a U.S. Air Force transport bus at Frankfurt airport when Arid Uka shot and killed Senior Airman Nicholas J. Alden, 25, from South Carolina, and Airman 1st Class Zachary R. Cuddeback, 21, from Virginia on March 2.

Brewer told the court that he had ducked behind his seat when he heard the shots ring out.

“When I looked up, the pistol was in my face. I hear the words Allah u Akbar and the pistol went ‘click,'” Brewer said.

Uka, 21, also faces three counts of attempted murder for wounding two more airmen and taking aim at Brewer, who only survived because the Kosovo Albanian’s gun jammed.

Asked by the judge how he would describe the expression on Uka’s face that day, Brewer replied, “He was looking to kill us, he had hate in his eyes.”

Uka confessed to the attack when the trial opened in August, but under German law, the court is still required to hear all evidence in the case.

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