UPDATE: Killings, shoot-outs spread to St Catherine

Gunmen have carried out a string of gun attacks in sections of St Catherine.

Within the last few hours, three men were killed by gunmen in the McCooks Pen community. One person was killed in Waterford.

There were also reports of a shoot-out between gunmen and police in the March Pen Road area of Spanish Town.

The incidents are the latest in a string of murders and fire-bombings which are being carried out in St Catherine.

The three men killed today have been identified as Peter McBean, 39; Dwayne Murray, 23 and Robert Sankey, 26. A 14-year-old has been shot an injured. His condition is uncertain.

The men were all at a bar in McCooks Pen when gunmen in a white car opened fire hitting them, before fleeing.

Murders have also been reported in Braeton, Waterford, and Newlands in Portmore.

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