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By Sandrea:- MY OPINON

Where does China get off telling a democratic nation, who they can and cannot invite into their country?  They seem to be under the illusion that the manner in which they dictate to their people by suppressing their rights to free speech and all the other restrictions that they impose in their country that they can bring the same ridiculous behaviour outside of their realm.

If the United States and President Barack Obama believe it is in the interest of their country to invite the Dali Lama to their country then I cannot see why China should be getting their knickers in a twist over that fact.
We have no problem with the Dali Lama, an individual that preaches peace, love and the ability to understand each other and respect their differing culture, should be ostracise because China is having a problem with that.
For Chinese representative to be making statement that “such an act has grossly interfered in China internal affair” and that it hurt the Chinese people is hogwash.  What possible reason could a visit by a holy person visiting a democratic country do to the Chinese people?
What would cause China to be so afraid of a simple visit to the US by the Dali Lama?  China needs to understand that although they may be trading with the West they should be assured that they cannot dictate to us how we operate in our country just the same as they do not want us to interfere in their country’s regime and the manner in which they treat their citizen.
China needs to grow up and get into the 21st century, we are not children we are grown adults and    who we can invite to our country should not be their concern and if they cannot understand that then you need to go back to the dark ages.
I am sure the citizen of the United States welcome the Dali Lama and if they do not, unlike in your country we have the right to demonstrate and voice our opinion without the need to feel threaten or have soldiers shoot us down because we exercise our rights of free speech.
President Barack Obama as demonstrated that he is his own person and that he will not bow to pressure from China or any other country that decided that they are going to tell the US how to manage or run its internal affairs, regardless of the trading and other agreements that may exist with these countries, and for that we applaud him and his government.

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