UK teacher quits to become deputy prime minister of Somalia

A SUBSTITUTE teacher in Britain stunned colleagues by announcing that he was taking up a new post – as deputy prime minister of anarchic Somalia, the Willesden and Brent Times reported yesterday.

Mohamed Ibrahim, a 64-year-old teacher at a high school in North London, was appointed to the post in his native land during the summer vacation.

Ibrahim, who was employed to help Somali immigrant children improve their English, said in his resignation email that the call to serve was “unexpected” but that he could not refuse given the humanitarian crisis gripping Somalia, the report said.

The East African country is suffering a deep drought and famine, on top of a long and deadly Islamic insurgency.

School principal Richard Kolka said he was “amazed and awestruck” when he heard the news. “I had absolutely no idea he was involved in the political life of his country, let alone at such a high and important level,” he said.

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