UK man who cooked microwave jailed

A UK man who microwaved a pet cat to death in a friend’s apartment was jailed for six months for what the judge called a “despicable” crime.

Paul Owen Henry, 45, was also banned from owning animals after being found guilty of causing unnecessary suffering to the feline, the Gainsborough Standard reported.

Henry had been left alone in Andrew Parsons’ home in Gainsborough, about 258km north of London, last July when he placed his friend’s 18-month-old cat, named Suzie, in the microwave.

Within 50 minutes of Parsons’ departure, Henry sent a text message to his then-girlfriend, saying, “Claire, just cooking Andy’s cat, enroute,” British newspaper the Daily Mail reported.

A second message soon followed which read, “Just cooking Andy’s cat in microwave, be two minutes.”

When Parsons returned from work, he was devastated to find his apartment trashed and Suzie’s remains in the microwave.

Written on a kitchen wall was a parting shot from Henry, “Menu fried cat £1.20.”

“I found my cat’s remains in the microwave and there was some writing on the wall. I was sickened, distraught, I could not believe it,” Parsons said in court. “I had her since she was four-weeks-old.”

The court heard that Henry was high on liquid amphetamine at the time. Jailing Henry and disqualifying him from owning animals, Judge John Stobart described the offense as “despicable.”

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