Typhoon death toll in Philippines rises to 35

AUTHORITIES in the Philippines say death toll from Typhoon Nesat had risen to 35, and will likely climb further, with dozens of people missing two days after the storm walloped the country.

Office of Civil Defense administrator Benito Ramos said that flood waters had been slowly subsiding, although large areas remained submerged, particularly vast tracts of farm lands.

“We have recorded 35 deaths, and rescuers are using rubber boats and canoes to help those in areas still flooded,” Mr Ramos said.

The death toll was 13 more than the last figure reported late Wednesday (local time).

Mr Ramos said soldiers, police and other rescue personnel had been working non-stop to help those affected, but with 45 still listed as missing, the death toll would climb.

“We are just praying that we will find them still alive, but realistically speaking, the number of deaths may still rise,” he said.

Mr Ramos said many of the missing were fishermen who set sail ahead of the storm despite warnings to remain on land.

Nesat smashed into the Philippines’ main island of Luzon on Tuesday, bringing heavy rains and wind that caused storm surges and massive flooding.

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