Two people killed by same NY-Toronto train

cardstore.comA 30-year-old man is the latest train fatality this long weekend, after he was struck by an American train that had already killed another person earlier in the day.

The Amtrak train was reversing on the tracks near Dunn Ave. and Lake Shore Blvd. W. at around 12:30 a.m., on its way to a maintenance station at Mimico.

There were no passengers on the train when it hit a man walking along the tracks, who was pronounced dead at the scene. A police investigation has determined that the death was an accident.

The train typically travels between New York and Toronto and it was the second time this weekend that a person was killed along its tracks, said Amtrak spokesperson Tracey Connell.

The other fatality happened in Buffalo on Friday afternoon. Erie county emergency officials are still investigating to determine the exact cause of death, Connell said.

A third train fatality happened on Thursday morning. A 40-year-old man was killed while walking along a set of CP Rail tracks in North York, near Finch Ave. W and Weston Rd.

Police believe he may have not heard the train’s horn because of the large headphones that he was wearing.

Headphones are not considered to be a factor in Saturday’s death.

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