Trial hears Jayant Patel told patient his bowel didn’t like his body

SURGEON Jayant Patel told a patient he needed to ‘whip out’ the man’s entire bowel because it ‘doesn’t like your body’, a court has heard.

Dr Patel has pleaded not guilty to the grievous bodily harm of Ian Rodney Vowles, who gave evidence at Dr Patel’s Supreme Court trial in Brisbane this morning.

Mr Vowles explained that he had a history of colon cancer, and had had two previous operations to remove cancerous growths.  He told the court that in September 14, Dr Patel had performed a colonoscopy on him at Bundaberg Base Hospital.  A growth was removed and Mr Vowles said Dr Patel told him pathology results showed the growth was benign.

Regardless of that, the court heard that Dr Patel said his entire bowel should be removed, in case there was cancer.  “He said `your bowel doesn’t like your body, we’ll have to whip it out’,” Mr Vowles told the court.

He said Dr Patel reassured him that although there was a risk of impotence, he would be fine.  “He said `I’ve done plenty of those operations before and never had any trouble. Every one I’ve done, they are out playing sport or skiing.’ He said you’ll have no worries whatsoever.”  The court heard that Mr Vowles’ bowel was not cancerous. Complications following the surgery meant Mr Vowles’ stoma and ileostomy bag needed to be surgically adjusted at least twice.

Mr Vowles said that since the surgery he has been impotent and has needed a permanent ileostomy bag.

Dr Patel has also pleaded not guilty to three counts of manslaughter.

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