Tiger’s ex-wife will bag $100m, custody

The final chapter in a marriage that so publicly hit trouble in November – when Tiger Woods crashed an SUV into a fire hydrant outside his Florida home – was being written by teams of lawyers last week, as he and his wife, Elin, haggled over their divorce settlement.

The fact that Elin could also “go nuclear” and spill details of her 34-year-old husband’s serial infidelities has given her leverage.

A pre-nuptial agreement the couple signed before their 2004 wedding guaranteed her just $20m (NZ$29m), after 10 years of marriage.

But reports suggest that after a mere six years she will walk away with closer to $100m in cash and assets, along with a significant cut of her soon-to-be ex-husband’s future earnings.

Strings will be attached. Elin, 30, is expected to get primary custody of the two children, Sam, three, and Charlie, one.

Although Woods will be entitled to a weekend each month in their company, he will be forbidden from introducing them to any woman he’s romantically linked to, unless he actually marries her.

Elin will largely bring the children up in her native Sweden, where they can be guaranteed a modicum of privacy. She must also sign a lifetime confidentiality agreement.

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