Three-year-old attempts to rescue sister from fire

MARK Buddington was only three years old when the wooden dwelling he occupied with his mother and two siblings in Pitfour, Granville, Montego Bay caught fire nine-and-a-half years ago.

His mother had gone to take his older sister to school, leaving him alone with the younger one, Davina Brissett. She was only a year-and-a half and was fast asleep, oblivious to the imminent danger.  But Mark sensed it and tried to save himself and his baby sister. He reached for her and tried to lift her but his small three-year-old frame prevented him. Instead, he held on to her hand and pulled her from the bed. Davina fell to the ground, breaking her right hand and leg in the process.

By now the flames were upon them and all he could do was run from the house screaming, leaving the wailing child behind.

He ran shouting for help. A passer-by saw the flames and heard the little boy’s desperate cry. He ran inside and rescued little Davina, but not before she had sustained stage four burns to her body.

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