Gruesome murder at upper St Andrew home

WELL-known Kingston businesswoman Karen Lee was brutally murdered at her Wiltshire Avenue home in upper St Andrew yesterday.

Lee, a member of the Loshusan family, was found by police and her husband shortly after 5:00 pm with her throat slashed. She was also stabbed and her hands and feet were bound.

Last night, Inspector Steve Brown, head of the Constabulary Communication Network, said that Lee’s motor car was found in the yard loaded with appliances.   “It appears that her killers were trying to start the car but the security features prevented them from doing so,” said Inspector Brown.  He said that at least two men were seen leaving the yard and lamented the fact that none of Lee’s neighbours called the police.

“People need to be more neighbourly,” said Inspector Brown. “In this case people saw the guys from about 1:30 tampering with the car and not even a call was made to the police.”

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