They are THUGS, nothing more

By Sandrea:-MY OPINION

The violence that has been spreading throughout London does not have anything to do with genuine demonstrations and no one should confuse the two.

What happens in Clapham Junction, Croydon, Ealing and other parts of London following the shooting death of Mr Duggan is nothing more than a systematic thieving spree where those individual involved see the incident as an opportunity to steal items that does not belong to them and to create havoc on the streets of London.

I hope that no one is under any illusions the wider community is totally appalled by the behaviour of these thugs, and that is precisely what they are THUGS. The only thing that these thugs have achieved is to cause mayhem and destruction within the community and make decent citizen literally afraid to come out of their houses, businesses are petrified of opening their shops and this makes me very angry indeed.

It is unbelievable that young people could be so callous to believe that their actions amounts to anything but blatant theft and if anyone believe otherwise then they cannot have witness the devastation that these idiots have reeked on the community of Clapham Junction, Croydon and other parts of the country.

I like many other citizen of this country hope that the police identify every single one of them and put them where they rightly belong in prison.  There was no reason whatsoever for them to undertake the chaos and mayhem as seen by the nation and they cannot in no way justify any of their actions.

What we witness over the last three nights is a total breakdown in community and the fact that the police service could hardly contain the actions of these stupid fools is yet another indication of how unequipped our police service is to deal with this kind of lawlessness and I hope that this will be addressed by the Prime Minister when he meet with his cabinet and other community officials.

To have the newscasters stating on national television that the majority of police were not trained in these kinds of combat situations was deplorable, as the thugs were only too happy to use this information to their advantage and use it they did.

Driving through Brixton and see so many businesses with board up front just put me back right into the eighties when similar events took place.  How long must we put up with this kind of lawlessness on our streets.

What I would ideally like to see is the parents of these thugs shop them to the police and make them realise that parent are not prepared to tolerate their bad behaviour and I can assure anyone if any of my children were inclined to do anything so disgusting they knew that I would have no problems in informing on them and telling the authority where they could be found and unless the parents of these youngster took the opportunity to so these young people will continue with their bad behaviour.

It is time that we show them that they will not get away with these diabolical behaviour so, I implore all parents who believe or know for a fact that their child or children was involved, go to the authority and let them pay for their actions, do not shelter them because to do so will make the parents no better than the thugs they gave birth to.

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