The Royals: Princess Roundup

Beatrice is 1st  UK royal to run London Marathon
Princess Beatrice [right] : Royal runner

The Princess of Sweden ends her engagement amid rumors of a philandering fiancé. Meanwhile, rumors of a happier sort have started a royal wedding watch. Plus, Princess Beatrice sets a royal running record. That’s right, it’s the princess report. So put on your monocle and read up on the Buzz royal roundup.

Princess of Sweden calls it off
Princess Madeleine hails from Sweden. Although she doesn’t normally make international headlines, she made major news with this bombshell: The wedding with lawyer Jonas Bergstrom is off. Rumors of a troubled engagement started when the crown first announced that the wedding had been postponed, even though Queen Silvia, Madeleine’s mom, indicated “all is well.” That did nothing to quell talk that the 31-year-old fiancé had a fling with a 21-year-old college student during a ski trip in Norway. The engaged pair was reportedly in couples therapy, but apparently that didn’t do the trick, leading the 27-year-old princess to call off the eight-year relationship, which had once been billed as a fairy-tale romance.

Is it on?
Unlike their Swedish counterparts, Prince William and his lady friend Kate Middleton seem to be headed toward wedded bliss. Just one small detail: They’re not yet engaged. That hasn’t stopped a full-court press from fueling a media frenzy around rumors of a much-anticipated engagement. The Daily Beast’s editor Tina Brown caused an uproar when she noted that Buckingham Palace had mysteriously blocked out two days in June. She suggested that the mystery calendar listing was for an engagement announcement, with a wedding to follow in November. But there has been no official confirmation of such an event. That hasn’t stopped Duchess Fergie from doling out marital advice. She told PopEater that Ms. Middleton should remember to “make time” for her husband. Sure, but let’s wait for them to get married first.

Royal runner
Princess Beatrice can now say she is the “Queen Bea” of running. The daughter of the Duchess of York completed the London Marathon this past weekend. She holds the crown as the first royal to do so. To add to the feat of foot, the 21-year-old was part of a human caterpillar chain — and set a world record for the most runners tied together in a race. The princess, decked in green socks and tutu, ran the 26.2-mile course linked to 33 other runners and finished in a respectable 5 hours, 15 minutes, and 57 seconds. The princess was met at the finish line by her parents, Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson.

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