The price of freedom-terroism

Lately the media is filled with stories about the Time Square bomb  and the sensless killing of children.

I cast my mind back to September 11, July 7 when thousand of innocent people lost their lives.  Buildings twisted out of shape, came crashing down around us.  What is it going to take for humans to realise that violence never solve anything.  We live in a world of multi-culturism,people with different views, opinions and idealism.  Yet it is not  beyond the realm of human decency that we could co-habit and live peaceful.

The resentment that follows the bombing of New York and London has left a bitter pill in the mouths of decent people and even today years after these atrocities hatred still reign among many. It seems that these incidents alarm us so much that our anger have turned us into hate machines.

What price are  we paying

Since these atrocities, we have a number of right taken away from us, and we are blindly allowing our Governments to do so all in the name of terrorism.  Terrorism is real there are people out there that is willing to tamper with our way of life and we cannot allow them to do that.  However, we must not be complacent and allow our freedom to be tampered with neither by terroist or government.

The question I keep asking myself is why people believe they have to go to such extreme to get their point across. What would make otherwise normal individual behave so callously.  One of the first thing that comes to mind is the scenario a few weeks ago when South Park had a caricature of the prophet muhammad on their show and was made to remove some of the contents because the Muslim community when up in arms about it.

I am sure that if muhammad was among us now the last thing he would want his mere mortals fighting his battle for him.  I am quite sure he his more than capable of looking after himself.  The same thing can be said about the Jesus, God, Buddha, they never preach hatred they focus was always love, humanity, peace and unity.  That been said why then would any religious follower believe they have the right to disrupt people live, murder them all in the name of their religion when not even their deity believe in violence.

It makes me so angry to think that I am going to leave my children in a world where their is so much intolerance.

I cannot believe the anger I am feeling right now every day there is something sicking in the news, “man strangle baby”  come on you begin to wonder why.  How can a fat ass grown man strangle a little baby, a child that is incapable of defending his self.  Then the inhuman side of me come into play.  I want to get hold of the bastard and lynch him.  Then my reality comes flooding and I know if I was to take my revenge on him then I am no better than he is.

Peace and love

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