The callousness of a nation

By Sandrea: MY OPINION

The disbelief of people around the world can be felt with disgust as I felt reading the story of the toddler that was hit by a van in China and was ignored by up to 18 passers-by.

How could human beings reach this kind of depravity in that we could ignore the plight of a child that has been hit by a van then by another motor vehicles lay bleeding and dying in the street and people walk by as if they was seeing a rag doll make out of cloth and not the body of an innocent human being, I cannot comprehend.

Irrespective of the fact that one may not have known the toddler, I always envisage that the Chinese people and in particular the fundamentals of communism is to be your brother’s keeper and that the ethos in a communist society is to look after each other, well that myth was shatter by the fact that a baby was left to die ignored by adults that should know better, and in a communist country.

Western society may have it faults but I am certain that if this had happen in any western country we would never ignore the plight of a child in such dire needs.  We may have our disgusting behaviour and attitudes but when accidents occur there are more than enough people to lend a helping hand and there is no way in hell that we would pass by a child clearly in need and ignore that child.

China and the Chinese people would be ashamed of their self and undertake some kind of soul searching as to why they behave so diabolical toward a helpless child.

In one part of the report someone wrote “The callousness of the drivers and those who walked on has been taken by Chinese as evidence that the country is losing its soul”.  It is more than its soul that the Chinese people lost they have lost their integrity to understand right from wrong and it also demonstrate that if similar incident should occur they would behave in the same manner, and that I find revolting.

The picture of that child mangled body will haunt me for my life and I have no doubt that there are many people across the globe who will feel the same and we will always wonder how could this be, we are living in the twenty first century and not the dark ages, we are living in a time where compassion and kindness should be rampant yet after what the world saw happen in China compassion and kindness does not seems to exist in certain part of the globe.

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