The 15 minutes of fame syndrome

By Sandrea:-MY OPINION

It is unbelievable the lengths that some people will go to achieve their fifteen minutes of fame, and they do not seems to care who they hurt in order to get on the television and that is just gross.

Jessica Beagley, pouring hot sauce in the mouth of her adopted son and letting the child stand in cold water is just despicable.  What kind of parents would do such a vile thing to a child just so that she can appear on a television programme leave me speechless?

I understand the difficulty in raising hyperactive children, it is not an easy thing to do, especially having the school constantly calling you to take the child out of school because their behaviour is disrupting the education of the other children, it make you feel as if you have lost the battle to raise your children effectively.

Despite the problems that I faced with my daughter, and she was a hand full, it never occur to me to punish her in any demeaning or abusive manner, yes she was punished but it would be taking away her favourite toys, ensuring that she did not watch her favourite cartoon programme and explain to her the reasons why she was being punished, and always let her know that I love her dearly, so I find it appalling when parents say that because they have children with ‘behavioural problems’ that they have to resort to the vile manner in which Jessica Beagley resorted to with her adopted son.

I also believe that the programme should bear some form of responsibility for allowing individual to abuse their children in order to get the viewer riled up; it is disgusting and unnecessary and should not be allowed.

Desperation, because your child has a behavioural problem is no excuse to abuse either physically or verbally.  Discipline is something that I strongly believe that every child should be taught because in the long run they tend to grow-up with respect and manners however, discipline does not mean that a child should be subjected to abuse from their parents and any parent who believe that abusing a child is anyway to raised them need their head examine.

Those children should be taken away from her and she should be sent to prison for her repulsive behaviour and she should never be able to adopt any child again, people like Jessica Beagley have lost the right to be parent when they commit such behaviour against children. 

I have sympathy for the fact that she may have had to deal with a difficult child because I understand the dynamics of rearing those children, what I cannot forgive her for is the way in which she treated that child and in particular she did so because she want her fifteen minutes of fame by been on a television programme- ridiculous.

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