Teen ‘lived in German woods for 5 years’

GERMAN police are trying to crack the mystery of a teenager who appeared in Berlin claiming to have lived for five years in a forest with his now dead father.

According to German media reports, the boy, aged about 18, calls himself Ray, speaks in English with only a few words of German, and knows nothing of his origins.

Carrying a tent, a sleeping bag and a backpack, he walked into Berlin city hall on September 5, saying he had walked from the forest where he was living after his father was killed in a fall some two weeks ago.

He had headed north with the help of a compass, but could not identify the woods in which he said he had lived with his father ever since his mother died in a car crash.

A police spokesman said they were still trying to identify the boy, who was in good health and in the care of social services.

Police said they had approached Interpol to see if the boy matches any missing person reports.

Officers will not know the results of the inquiry until Monday.

Claudia Elitok, of Berlin Police, said: “He speaks fluent English and a few words in German.

“He remembers his name but we are not releasing it.

“He explained that the last five years were spent in the woods with his father, then his father died and he buried him.

“He was walking for two weeks before getting to Berlin.

“He has said what happened to his mother but I can’t go into that information.

“He was found in good condition and is being taken care of by officials.”

Detectives are going over everything Ray has told them to establish a picture of his background and biography.

It is not known if Ray will accompany police to the spot where he left his father and began his journey to the capital.

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