Taliban condemns Afghan bomb attacks

The Taleban issued a statement condemning deadly attacks on two shrines in Afghanistan that killed at least 58 people overnight, blaming the bombings on the “invading enemy”.

No group has claimed responsibility for the strikes in the Afghan capital and northern Mazar-i-Sharif, but most previous major attacks have been blamed on the insurgents battling the Afghan government and its foreign backers.

Calling the attacks “inhumane and unIslamic acts”, the statement signed by Taleban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid and emailed to AFP, blamed them on “the invading enemy who faces total defeat in the battle against the mujahidin”.

They “are now resorting to such brutal acts to create terror, distrust and hatred among Afghans so they can have an excuse to stay here for longer…” added the statement.

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