Syria death toll hits 120 in two days

AT least 120 people were killed in a two-day crackdown by Syrian security forces against protesters, a group of activists said.

The Committee of the Martyrs of the 15 March Revolution issued an updated list of names of 95 people it said were killed on Friday in massive protests which swept across Syria.

An earlier toll from the pro-democracy protest movement had put the figure at 82 dead in Friday’s “massacre” but cautioned the number could top 100 as it worked to confirm more deaths.

The group also reportedthat the death toll for Saturday had risen from 13 to 25 people killed by gunfire, mostly in the southern protest hub region of Daraa and in and around Damascus.

They were killed during funerals of people killed on Friday.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, based in London, named 112 people it said were killed or listed as missing since the “Good Friday” protests, but cautioned that not all the deaths were confirmed.

Before Friday, security forces and plainclothes police had already killed about 220 protesters, according to Amnesty International.

Friday’s toll was the deadliest for a single day since at least 100 were killed in Daraa on March 23, following the March 15 outbreak of pro-democracy demonstrations in Syria.

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