Stray boy leads police to five shot dead

US police responding to a report of a small boy wandering along a road in rural Indiana today discovered the bodies of five adults at two homes nearby.

A couple noticed the young boy walking along Stipps Hill Road in Franklin County – just west of Metamora, 333km south-east of Indianapolis – about 1pm local time and notified police, WXIX reported.

The boy directed police to a nearby house where the bodies of two men and two women were found. Another man was found dead at a location across the road.

All appeared to have been killed by multiple gunshots.

But police remain puzzled as to the circumstances surrounding the deaths and whether or not the shooter, or shooters, is still at large or is among the dead, The Palladium-Item reported.

“We don’t know if we’re looking for someone or not,” Indiana State Police Sgt Jerry Goodin said.

 “We have people we are talking to. We don’t have a lot of answers.”

Autopsies will be performed on the bodies tomorrow in Indianapolis, while the boy has been placed in protective custody.

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