Small Island – Big problems

By Sandrea:-

Let it mean just that

Jamaica and island of 4,244 square miles (10,991sq km). 146 miles (235 km) long.  a population of 2,780.00, and the third largest of the Caribbean island.

First inhabited by the Arawak, discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1494.  The Spanish settled there in 1509.  The British captured the island in 1655.  The island was formally ceded to the Great Britain in 1670, becoming a crown colony in 1865, and became independent in 1962.

Throughout it’s history Jamaicans have to fight one oppressor or another and they have always come out stronger than they were given credit for.

Today we have a virus which is eating away at this piece of paradise and if left unchecked it will, like any virus destroy it’s host.

These so-called gangs that are currently causing so much mayhem on the island needs to be stopped. ‘Umbrella’, ‘Uprising’ where the hell do they get off causing so much problems in the country.  These individuals need a lesson in history.  They need to realise that many people blood has been shed over hundred of years for these low-life to be creating so much destruction on the island.

It is time that the security service get a grip on reality.  They are there to protect on serve and from what I have read in the last 4/5 months they seem unable to curtail the level of violence that is gripping the country.

We have a rich history, that our fore-father fought and die for,  we have a  piece of paradise that we love and yet the people are allowing these idiots to constantly tarnish and rubbish Jamaica and Jamaican both at home and overseas.

Well, I am sick and tired of these negatives reports that are constantly been said about Jamaica.

To top it all the Christopher ‘Dudus’ affair just seems to sink the country further in despair.

Come on people this is your country and you have to fight to maintain it’s dignity and I am calling on all decent Jamaican, stop protecting these criminal elements, they cannot survive without the protection of various community.  They are in the minority and as such they can, and must be stopped.  Jamaicans need to take back their pride and the only way to do so is to curtail the activities of the criminal element among you.

It does not make sense when the Likes of Usain Bolt show the world what Jamaicans are made of only to have is hard work over-shadowed by all the violence and uproar that is happening to the island.

It is time we allow our athele to go to other country feeling proud and stop burdening them with all the negativity in the country.

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