Silvio Berlusconi hits out at ‘indecent attacks’

ITALIAN Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi hit out at “indecent attacks” against him, following a series of lurid revelations in the press about his liaisons with call-girls.

“I will stay on despite the daily baseless attacks against my person and I will stay on as long as Italians support me,” Mr Berlusconi said at the opening of a national conference of his People of Freedom party in Rome.

Mr Berlusconi said he was the target of “disgusting and indecent attacks”, adding that he had sufficient support among lawmakers to stay in power despite his rivalry with Gianfranco Fini, the speaker of parliament.

He said the scandals “have been built up specially by certain prosecutors”.

Prosecutors have opened an inquiry into allegations by a girl that she was paid to attend raunchy parties hosted by Mr Berlusconi at his villa last year when she was under 18, Italian newspapers have reported in recent days.

Mr Berlusconi is also accused of making a call to a police station in Milan when the girl was arrested for theft in order to have her released.

Another girl has reportedly said she was paid to have sex with Berlusconi on two occasions and has claimed marijuana was offered to girls at his villa.

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