Signing of Casino Bill awaits correction of typo

THE Bill to legislate casino gaming in Jamaica is expected to be signed by today, once a typographical error is corrected.

The Bill was actually signed some days ago, but the typo was discovered while it was at the printing office, and so it must be returned for the governor general’s signature.

“We are expecting that it will be signed sometime today or latest tomorrow, pending the (speed of the) printing office,” Daryl Vaz, the minister responsible for information told journalists at yesterday’s post-Cabinet press briefing at Jamaica House in Kingston.

“I have asked that they give special priority to it so it can be dealt with expeditiously in order to curb the speculation in relation to the delay in its signing,” Vaz said.

Once signed, the casino legislation will be gazetted, making way for the establishment of the Casino Gaming Commission, which will be the body responsible for the governing of casino gaming.

The commission will have powers to grant casino gaming licences to persons to undertake casino gaming within an approved integrated resort development, as well as personal licences for specific individuals identified by the commission as occupying management positions or carrying out operational functions in a casino.

The commission will also be empowered to ensure that casino gaming is conducted fairly, legally and in a manner which protects children and vulnerable persons.

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