Britian what have we done?

With the British election results the way it is, I wonder what is going to happen to Job creation, immigration, debt, pension, senior citizens, etc.

I always wonder when people vote what is really in their minds?  What are we voting to achieve?  In my opinion the Conservatives do not really have much to offer this country and anyone who remember the 80’s conservatives reign cannot but recall that  was the decade when Britain lost it’s integrity, it’s compassion, it’s caring and it’s dignity.  We had, overnight trussed upon us, me, me, selfishness, don’t care, and sod the rest of everybody so long as I am alright.

We manage to emerged from that decade and prove that we could be once again be a caring society.  Although, Labour has it’s fair share of problems, they are still the best party for this country.  However, the citizen of Britian, having forget the trials and tribulations of  80’s have decided that they are going to give the conservative a crack at the whip.  Albeit that they have fall short of an over all majority.

What does a hung parliament means for the UK?  The greater majority of people in the UK have never experienced this.  Are we going to have the Prime Minister, whoever that will be,  shopping around for votes in order to get s bill through parliament, will it be like bartering ?  This is the question that I have on my mind this morning.

Let me say, this is my opinions and I am sure a lot of people is going to disagree with me, however, hung parliament or not I am entitled to my views just like the rest of anyone out there.  I cannot fathom the indecisiveness of the country.  If we were so fed up with the Labour government why did we not simply gave the over-all majority to either the Lib-Dem or Conservatives.  This, situation we wake up to this morning cannot be good for the country or it’s people.

A G7 country in this the 21 century that does not have a majority government and we should be ashamed of ourselves.  Whoever, the Prime Minister is, after this fiasco, will most certainly be the laughing stock of the world.  What mandate can he carry when he goes overseas to discuss issues relating to the UK.

We have done ourself an injustice and one that, in my opinion we are going to regret badly.  I hope we can get through the next 5years with some kind of integrity – I doubt it

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