Vile murders

3 men, 1 woman abducted, stabbed, throats slashed

CRIMINALS continued their orgy of slaughter yesterday by slashing the throats of three men and a woman in a Spanish Town community that reacted with shock and horror at the savagery of the early morning murders.

The victims — David ‘Tete’ Williams, 37, and his common-law wife Sandra Wint, 45; Clayton Simpson, 29, and Garnet Greg, 45 — were abducted, gagged and dragged into bushes where they were also stabbed.

“Jesus Christ, me never see anything like this yet!” cried one man.

“Never in my years me see something like this,” said a woman in a hushed tone as police combed the murder scene close to a riverbed in the Jones Avenue community.

Police said the killers went to the community about 5:30 am and dragged Williams and Wint from their house. The criminals then ambushed Simpson and Greg, who were on their way to work, dragged them into the bushes and butchered the four.  Williams’ mother Dorothy said she last spoke to her son on Wednesday.

“The last time my son Tete talk to me him promise to give me a goat for Mother’s Day,” she said, then screamed: “Lawd, me nuh feel ah going mek it!” As she cried, Williams’ father said it seemed God had turned His back on him. “My son a hard-working youth. Him nuh trouble nobody. Him never deserve fi dead so,” cried the 54-year-old man.  A few metres away, Wellesley ‘Pepsi’ Simpson, 70, grieved without tears for his son Clayton. According to the distraught father, the murder brought to three the number of children he has lost violently in the past few years.

Yesterday, police said they were probing reports that the attacks may have been linked to an ongoing feud in March Pen Road.  Residents who spoke in hushed tones were overheard making the same allegation. The incident also drew the condemnation of the church.  “This is a sad day for the community. The murders have left the community in fear, but the church will continue to work to bring peace to the area,” said Pastor Fitzroy Thomas from the Spanish Town Ministers Fraternal.  On April 29, Deacon Michael Dixon was shot dead at his home in the Arlington Housing Scheme at March Pen Road.

Residents said the deacon was shot in the face as he prayed.  Deacon Dixon’s murder came just over weeks after he participated in the church-organised 10,000 man march against crime in Spanish Town.

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