Bloodbath – 11-year-old girl among 8 victims of massacre

THE shock and horror of the savagery unleashed by marauding gunmen on Tredegar Park, Spanish Town, St Catherine early yesterday morning was still vividly displayed on the faces of residents at mid-morning.  The fearful residents huddled in tight groups as they discussed the brutal murders of eight of their neighbours, among them 11-year-old Alexifia Anderson.

A female resident of Tredegar Park is in tears as she leaves the section of the community where eight of her neighbours were murdered by criminal gunmen early yesterday morning.

Shortly after 1:00 yesterday afternoon, police identified the other dead persons as Alexifia’s mother Hopelin Dennis, 43; her sister Nekfifa Anderson, 23; and her brother Joel Anderson.

The others, who were killed on separate premises, were identified as Eldon Heron, 60; his son, Eldon Heron Jnr, 38; Gary Stewart, 22; and Orrett Miller, 26. Another male was also hospitalised in serious condition for gunshot wounds.

The police reported that two of the gunmen said to be involved in the early morning massacre were killed in a shoot-out. Police identified them as Jerome Williams, and a man known only as ‘Kevin’ or ‘Bilbo’, who they said were members of the ‘Clansman’ gang, which operates in Spanish Town.

Residents of Tredegar Park said about 20 armed men, dressed in dark-coloured clothing, invaded sections of the community known as Monkey Town and Backbush where they opened fire on several homes, then set fire to some about 1:00 am.

“Is pure head shot them give everybody in mi family. Mi go in there go see Joey on the ground; him get one of the shots in him back, and look like he was trying to call someone on his phone,” said a man who identified himself as Hopelin Dennis’ son.

“Nekfifa get shot on the bed between the baby them. And me go in there go see my mother crawling under the bed. She never dead yet; she get shot somewhere ‘roun here,” the man added, pointing to the back of his head.

“It look like the baby (Alexifia) jump up when she hear the shot them, and the bwoy them just put it on her same time,” he added, tears welling up in his eyes.

The residents said the thugs then went to another premises where others were shot, before moving on to other houses where they sprayed bullets indiscriminately.

Two men luckily escaped with their lives after the hoodlums barged into their premises and stole several electrical appliances before setting the building on fire.

“If we never run through the back you would come see us lay down in there,” said one of the men, recounting his ordeal.

Investigators were yesterday seeking five men, who they identified only by their aliases: ‘Ears man’, ‘Deo’, ‘Fire Tail’, ‘Zeeks’, and ‘Isley Williams’, in relation to the massacre, and said they would also like to speak with Clansman members Howard Jackson, otherwise called ‘Thirty’; Novado Hodges; Simeon Elwig; Joel Jennings; and Glenton Anderson, otherwise called ‘Brown’.

They are also asking Michael Maragh, otherwise called ‘Coolie Mickey’; Rohan Hope, otherwise called ‘Placka’; Everton Minott, otherwise called ‘Rado’; and Marvin Baker, otherwise called ‘Chiney’, to report to the Spanish Town Police Station.

Yesterday, retired senior superintendent Reneto Adams, who visited the murder scene, was begged by fearful residents to assist them in ridding the area of criminals.

Adams said he was there to offer condolences to the affected families, and urged the police not to relent until the perpetrators are killed.

“I heard that two (gunmen) have been killed; they had their day in court,” said Adams. “I hope the other three have their days in court; if you want me to be more explicit, have them found and killed,” he said.

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