Lottery scam – why are people so gullible?

By Sandrea:- MY GRIPE

It still astound me to think after all the warning that has been put about regarding scam artist, that people are still allowing these bare-faced thieves scam them out of their hard earned cash.

People, if you do not enter a game, whether it is the lottery or any game that you name has to be picked from, you cannot win a prize.  When anyone contact you about winning games that you know that you have not participate in, and if they asked you to send them money for administration fees, do what I do, I tell them to take the administration fees from the so-called winnings and send the rest to me.  Naturally, I do not here from them again.

When I get any e-mail that tells me that I have win a prize, I instantly delete it I do not entertain it.

I play the lotto and therefore, if a message arrive from the lotto centre which I know it is genuine, then I will read the message, and more over , if you play on line then you winnings get sent straight to your account.

Come on, these scam artist have been hood-winking people for far too long and they seem to be targeting the most vulnerable of society, and furthermore they are well aware of people’s propensity to be greedy and that is the fire that fuel their desire to get their greasy hands on you money.  It is time that we beat them at their own game.

I can remember the number of people who gave out their bank account details to thief because they thought there were going to get money put into their account and reap part of the rewards.  Instead, a great deal of them had their bank account ravished, some ended up in debt and have to spend years sorting their financial situation out.

There are so many thing that we can do to protect ourselves from these bastards and we should.  These people or well organised to steal your money and you must be vigilant in ensuring that they are stopped in their tracks.

Why would I entertain the notion that I won lottery prize in Spain, I never buy any Spanish lottery, that to me is a red rag to a bull and I am not allowing these people to con me, so I would implore people to be more alert.

This couple, look at their age, and they have $6,000, taken from them from heartless individuals.

People the saying ‘if is sound too good to be true, then it probable it’, there is no truer saying and I live by that motto.  A healthy dose of scepticism is not a bad thing, it help you to sieve through what is true and what is false.


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