Saudi Arabia grow up

 Sandrea: – MY OPINION

The latest news report regarding the ‘Saudi women’ that is to be tried for driving is making me really angry.  What is wrong with these so-called idiotic men of Saudi Arabia?

Saudi Arabia is the only country in the world where women are banned from driving.  This stupid ban should have no part in a twenty first century supposedly modern country. There is no evidence to support the fact that should women be allowed to drive it will compromise her behaviour, attitude or prevent her following the teaching of the Islamic faith.
What I cannot understand is why the Saudi men are so afraid of women being independent.  Their attitude is chauvinistic, cowardice, unintelligent and downright archaic.
If an individual having an emergency, especially haemorrhaging, unable to get the assistance of an ambulance or someone to drive her to the hospital and trying to save her life drive herself and she is to be punished for that, make me wonder what are Saudi men so afraid of that they feel the need to continuously suppress the female within their society.
I could not see myself without a car and in our society women take it for granted that we can have careers, compete effectively with our male counter-part and certainly drive and own cars if we choose to.
It is not condescending to believe that Saudi men will never measure up to their western counter-part because their fear of having women being equal with them is so deep seated and rooted within their being that they fail to understand or see the benefit of having the women in the kingdom been independent.
I can imagine that there are many women in Saudi Arabia that do not have the need to drive just as there are in the west, however, where a female have the desire to own and drive a car they should be granted that right and do not have to face a trial as if they commit murder or other heinous crime.
Saudi Arabian men believe themselves to be men of vision and intellect yet their behaviour borders on the verge of been infantile and stupid, and they should realise that the rest of the world is looking at them as people that have yet to emerge out of the dark ages.
I have a healthy respect for rules and believe that if we do not have rules and regulations then there is the tendency to have chaos.  However, there are rules and then there is stupidly and what Saudi Arabia men are doing to this woman simply because she drives a car is draconian, infantile, diabolical and pathetic.
It is time for Saudi Arabian regime to grow up and emerge from the darkness into the light, they have been living in the past for far too long and until they realise this they will forever oppress their females and eventually they will destroy themselves because oppression can only last for a while.  Like any kind of slavery the masters can rule for a while then their day of reckoning will finally catch up with them.
Saudi Arabia have a golden opportunity to full integrate their female into their society and they should do so and show the rest of the world that they are no longer babies but grown men with a sense of dignity and respect for their fellow human beings.

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