By Sandrea:-MY OPINION

The European high court ruling on Friday that crucifixes in public school classrooms do not violate a student’s freedom of conscience is wrong on so many levels. This ruling will once again push religious tolerance back into the tenth century.

Religion is about choice and in no way should the public school system that cater for all pupil be allowed to display any religious icon over another, if they are going to display the crucifix which represents Christianity then they must display all other icon which is a representation of the other religion in order to balance the scale for those pupil who worship a different faith from Christianity.

In my opinion there should clearly be a separation between the church and the state which will prevent the state from being bias, so long as there is collusion with the state and church then whatever religious they support will be given preferential treatment and this should not be.

Christianity and Christian religion should not be allowed to ride roughshod over other religious beliefs or be seen as more special than the rest of the religious faith  that is practice on the planet.

I am disappointed that the Vatican find this ruling acceptable, because they should know better than to agree with any decision that give Christianity preference.  There is no one on this planet that can categorically say that Christianity is the true religion and all other religious belief is wrong and therefore, we must have a tolerance with each other religious belief and do not seek to ostracise any because they do not fit in with what we believe in.

France, a traditionally Catholic country with a strictly secular state that does not allow crucifixes or other religious symbols in public, including the Muslim headscarf, is correct in the way in which they deal with the separation of the state from the church and this should be the model that the European High Court use and not try to use their power to push Christianity or any other religious belief into the school system, their ruling is totally inappropriate for this century.

Christian would like to believe that our religion is the true one and that all other are somehow attached to the devil, and the Muslim would equally like to believe that if you are not of the Islamic faith then you are an ‘infidel’ and cannot inherit the kingdom of Allah, and that is total claptrap. Because there is no concrete evidence to demonstrate which religion is right we should live in peace bounce off each other religious beliefs and stop trying to force our beliefs on others.

After all, religion is suppose to be about love, forgiveness the ability to be your brothers’ keeper and if necessary laid down your life to save that person.  It is the organisation like the European Courts that causes more problems with religion than the fanatical aspect of each of the faith.  They continuously make ruling that is counter-productive to our society and the backlash of these ruling will eventually cause more people to suffer rather than to enhance the fundamental aspect of each religion and that is sad not just for religion but for the tolerance of the planet on the whole.