Racism and victimisation Enough is Enough!!!

By Sandrea

Crime and criminal activities is something that most people find appalling and we are always willing to see the perpetrators of crime punish and suffer for the deeds that they have committed.  However, there are some crimes that have been committed and they really do not fall under the category of crime but should be more appropriately call self defence.

I am appalled that the Head of Chicago’s police department is urging Canada public safety Minister to deny Gary Freeman entry to back to Canada in order for him to be reunited with his family.

In 1969 when Gary Freeman, a black man defended himself against a Terrence Knox a white police officer, well anyone who lived in that era especially if you were black would no doubt understand the reasons why Mr Freeman would have taken such drastic steps to defend himself as what he saw at the time as clearly harassment by a WHITE police officer.

If Gary Freeman had flee to Canada and commit any kind of crimes or criminal activities there then there would be a very good argument for not allowing him back into Canada, but the man has lived an Exemplary life, he has a wife, children and have worked and paid his way in society.

How dare Jody Weis, yet another WHITE police officer want to take away this man family from him?  When have Jody Weis being a victim of racism and victimisation, what does he knows about being a black man facing the bigotry of a predominant and racist police force.  There are too many horrific stories that are around regarding atrocities that have been perpetrated on BLACKS by white police officers.

I do not have a bone of racism within my body, so I find it hard to continue differentiating between the races.  However, it makes my blood boil when individuals like Jody Weis continue to use their position to victimise another human being because they do not fall into the category that they want them to be placed in.

Mr Freeman has paid for his crime, but that is not good enough for Jody Weis, he want the man isolated from his family for good he want to drag him down into the gutter so that Mr Freeman will power is broken and he can destroy the man for defending himself.  Mr Freeman did what he believe was right at the time given the climate he lived in.

Jody Weis needs to get off his soap box and leave the Canadian authorities to look at Mr Freeman’s case on merit rather than pressure from a man who it would appear to be extremely prejudiced against another human being.

How there Jody Weis talked about Mr Freeman never gave Office Knox any compassion, where was Mr Freeman compassion when Officer Knox stopped him, we still have not heard why, he was stopped by the officer.  This was 1969, come on, a period when every BLACK person feared for their lives.

I am sure there is something in the law that state that you can use deadly force if you fear for your life.  Well he was afraid for his life, even if it was a police officer that pulls him over, and if given that time and period, if Jody Weis cannot understand that, then something is fundamentally wrong with that person.

Imagine spending 30 years living as a productive human being, and then suddenly your life is turned upside down because you defended yourself as a teenager.

I hope that the Canadian authorities will eventually give Mr Freeman the rights to return to Canada and be reunited with his family.  Just in the way that they will not extradite anyone to the US that could be put to death, they should let the US and especially Chicago police department know that they are more compassionate and they believe in giving someone a chance and they will do so without being racist are victimising someone who has already being victimised.

My prayers will be for Mr Freeman, I hope he will win the right to go back to Canada and join his family and the like of Jody Weis be put back into the 10 century where clearly he and his opinions belong.

This is the 21st century and we as human beings need to be able to forgive and give people a chance, especially those that have proven that given a chance they become exemplary citizen.

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