Politics and Integrity

By Sandrea: MY OPINION

It would appear that these days that there is no integrity where some politicians are concern and that should make the voters very sceptical at whom we decide to put into power to govern our lives for the five years that they are elected.

A Prime Minister should be an individual that is beyond reproach that person should be one that think with his or her brain and not other parts of their anatomy yet it would seem that more and more these days that some politician cannot help but constantly put their foot in their mouth.

It is rather pathetic that the British Prime Minister have to apologise for sexist remarks that was made to not only a female member of the Labour party, but in fact a female member of his own party and these remark just goes to demonstrate the kind of person that we have as our Prime Minister.

These individuals seems to believe that they can make outrageous remark and then apologise and everything should be find, what they fail to realise that most people say what they really believe and the words that came out of David Cameron’s mouth is not a mistake but that manner in which he hold the females of either party and in particular female in general.  I suppose he believe that woman should know their place, be tied to the kitchen sink and stay home and have babies and be there to please the man folk in every way except by using their brain.

Mr Cameron needs to realise that this is not the 10th century we are no longer living in the dark ages and that women have made positive changes and have been awarded with making fundamental contribution to our society and will continue to do so long after he his removed from office and from being Prime Minister of this country.

Is remark is unforgiveable and smack of contempt at his worse, and as Prime Minister he should know better and should have the intellectual skills and ability to choose is words with care and not just utter anything that pop up in his head.

However, until he make such stupid and uncalled for remarks many may have seen him as a good choice for PM, but he has affectedly shatter that notion by his own words, I would hope that for the few more months that he has as PM he would be a bit more circumspect and choose his language much more productive rather than the counter-productive manner in which he has done.

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