Planet at the edge of an abyss

By Sandrea:-MY OPINION

The planet is crying out for integrity decency and for mankind to stop destroying her with their wars and destructive behaviour and if we don’t then we will eventually see Mother Nature wreaking the kind of havoc that we will not be able to prevent or contain.

The conflict in Libya and Syria is talking is toll on human lives hundreds of people are dying for nothing more than stupidity, and when human being find it so easy to shoot each other without a care then something is fundamentally wrong with the world.

The famine in Ethiopia and the subsequent raping of young women fleeing from hunger and starvation, and one wonders how human beings can be so callous, heartless and devoid of decency.  People running away from hunger only to have what little dignity they have left stripped away from them is downright disgusting.

In the UK, the on-going saga of the phone hacking and the people who seems to be caught up in this, the people who have resigned those that have been arrested and one again wonders where has our integrity got to, why do we feel the need to behave in such vulgar manner and did not people realise that there is always going to be a day of reckoning for anything that we do wrong.

We have witness four days of violence on the streets of London and in other part of the country and the dead of three young men whose only crime was to protect their community and they were run down by person or persons who had no respect for human beings or the sanctity of human life. You realise from that incident that as the Bible say “greater love hath no man than that, than a man lay down his life for his friend” Those three young men gave their life for the community that they wish to see remain peaceful and not be destroyed by thugs.

I understand that many people do not believe in the prophecy of the Bible or other holy book, but one just have to look at what is going on in the world and they can be trace directly to the teaching of the bible, for example, ‘wars and rumours of wars’ we are seeing that daily, every day an average to 15 – 20 people die either in Afghanistan, Iraq, Egypt, Syria, Libya and other part of the world and we asked the question what are these people dying and fighting for and the answers are as obscure as the wars themselves.

Let me assure everyone Mother Nature and the planet is fed-up with how we are destroying ourselves and the planet and she is going to fight back, there are going to be more earthquake, storms, Tsunami, hurricane, tornadoes and believe me when these events occurs it will be a warning to us that we either get together as human beings and work for a better tomorrow or we will have to face the consequences of our actions and that is not going to be something that we can negotiate away because ‘Mother Nature’ will not be in the frame of mind to give us a chance she has been doing so for too long and all we do is abuse and abuse.

If we do not get our act together the consequences for our existence is dire, and the predictions are there if we are only willing to see them and do better with each other after all we are human beings and we do possess the ability to work with each other if we try, our existence is at stake, and if we do not begin to address our difference then like the dinosaur extinction of the human race is eminent.

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