Phone hacking, where as humanity gone?

By Sandrea: MY OPINION

The continuing saga surrounding the allege hacking of personal mobile telephone involving the News of the World, demonstrate once again that we are not safe from individuals who are determine to acquire information regardless of whom they hurt.

It is disgusting to think that at a time when relatives are dealing with the death of their children, especially those who have died fighting for democracy in other countries that they have to be concern with having their conversation being monitored and private information laid bare in the public domain.
Irrespective of the fact that we all agree that we live in an advance technological age there should be a level of privacy within our lives that we should expect, indeed demand.  To have that privacy compromise by unscrupulous individuals is downright atrocious and those involved should be expected to be convicted and sent to prison.
To have people tapping into the cell phone messages of victims ranging from missing schoolgirls to grieving families, celebrities, royals and politicians in a quest for attention-grabbing headlines, is as low as anyone can get.
The individuals responsible for this breach are reprehensible and how they can call them self journalist is beyond belief.
It is understandable that the public want to know what is going on with politicians, members of the royal family, celebrities etc, however there must be other ways of acquiring this information without breaching the rights of the individual irrespective of who they are and the fact that celebrities and other prominent individuals are in the public eye should not prevent them from having a little bit of privacy and this should include not having their mobile phone tapped.
I believe the general public would agree that where there is a security issue whereby the country and its citizen are at risk of possible terrorist and terrorism then tapping the telephone conversation of individuals that could cause havoc amongst us would be understandable, but the phone hacked by these individuals are of people who are grieving the lost of love ones.  Where is the dignity and decency that these people should exercise?
I hope at the end of this saga that the government do something about this to ensure that no one is allowed to target ordinary individuals for sensational headlines.

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