Parcel bomb explodes at public office in Rome

A PARCEL bomb exploded at a public building in Rome, injuring one person, police said today.

The explosion happened at offices belonging to the tax-collecting organization Equitalia in Via Andrea Millevoi, in the center of the Italian capital.

The bubble-wrapped parcel was part of a regular mail delivery, Sky Italia TG24 reported. The director of the office suffered injuries to the hand and eye.

Investigators were said to be treating the attack as an act of terrorism.

Yesterday, an Italian anarchist group claimed responsibility for a functional letter bomb sent to the CEO of Deutsche Bank and indicated there may be two more explosive packages still out there.

Investigators said they found a hidden, rolled-up letter, written in Italian, in the envelope addressed to Deutsche Bank CEO Josef Ackermann from the FAI, or Federazione Anarchia Informale (Informal Anarchist Federation).

The letter claimed responsibility for the planned attack on Ackermann and referred to “three explosions against banks, bankers, ticks and bloodsuckers.”

The FAI has claimed responsibility for several attacks in recent years against European institutions, including a letter bomb sent to the European Central Bank in Frankfurt in 2003.

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