Our rights to make decision

When does the courts and medical profession have the rights to over-ride the decision of a patient?

One of our fundamental rights is the ability to make decisions that govern our own lives and when, if we have the mental and physical capability to do so then it is unethical for those rights to be taken from us by the courts are anyone for that matter.

This is the twenty first century and when a ‘cancer’ patient decide that she does not want to have an operation or treatment for her disease, and the legal and medical field get involved to remove that basic right, we are heading down a very slippery slope in which, if this decision his allowed to prevail – then what next.

If this was a child who did not have the ability to make the decision and the medical and courts stepped in then it could be understandable.  However, this is a 55 year old grown woman and she should have the right, which is a cornerstone of human beings , to refused treatment.

I can never understand why these do-gooders all believe that know what is best for an individual.

It is not like she is killing somebody else, it is her body and she must know what punishment she is willing to put it through.  Forcing treatment an on adult individual, is both ethical and morally wrong

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