News: Judge on drugs, guns charges

A VETERAN federal judge appointed by Ronald Reagan has been arrested during a drug deal in the company of a stripper.

Jack Camp, 67, was arrested in Atlanta, Georgia, on Friday, minutes after handing $US160 ($165) to an undercover law enforcement agent for cocaine and Roxicodone, a prescription narcotic used for pain relief. Two pistols were discovered in his car, resulting in charges for illegal possession of firearms while using illegal drugs.

An eight-page affidavit released after a bail hearing this week detailed how Mr Camp began a nine-month relationship with the stripper, who informed on him to police and helped to set up the arrest. Mr Camp, who is married with two children and now works part-time as a federal judge, met the woman at the Goldrush Showbar in Atlanta early this year when he paid her for a private dance.

According to the affidavit, he returned the next night to buy another dance and, later, sex, and then cocaine, continuing to buy both from her regularly.

The woman told the FBI that Mr Camp accompanied her to meetings with drug dealers, taking loaded weapons for their protection.

The pair then split cocaine and pills during sex sessions. The stripper began secretly recording their conversations after an approach from an FBI agent.

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