News – Castro US ignored its offers on counterterrorism

HAVANA—Raul Castro says the U.S. has ignored Cuban overtures to cooperate on counterterrorism.

Cuba decided Wednesday to make Oct. 6 its annual “Victims of State Terrorism Day.” In a speech, Castro said the island offered 2001 and 2002 proposals for “bilateral cooperation to fight against terrorism.”

It repeated the offer last year.

The U.S. made no reply, said Castro, who accused Washington of harboring Luis Posada Carriles, accused of involvement in 1990s Cuban hotel attacks and in the bombing of a Cuban jetliner.

Castro said his country urges President Barack Obama to “abide by his commitment to fight terrorism and act with determination and without double standards against those who, from U.S. territory, have perpetrated and continue to perpetrate terrorist acts against Cuba.”

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