Newquay bans offensive T-shirts

A COASTAL British township has banned offensive items including T-shirts with dirty slogans in a bid to cut down on anti-social behaviour.

Newquay, a popular seaside destination southwest of London, has introduced the ban ahead of the 2011 summer party season, empowering police to use their discretion to confiscate offensive items, Britain’s Mail Online reported.
The chairman of the town’s residents association, Dave Sleeman, said the problem was getting “progressively worse” and people were “fed up”.
“I recently saw a guy who was stark naked, hanging out of a window waving a sex toy and shouting at women going past in the street – it was 10 o’clock on a Saturday morning,” Sleeman said.
“I don’t see why we should have that in our town. There are people who come here for Friday and Saturday and they make the town centre into a no-go area.”

Police inspector Ian Drummond-Smith said officers will judge each item on its merits, but singled out clothing printed with swear words and inflatable toys depicting sex organs for confiscation.
“People come down to have a good time and the majority don’t want to see these things,” he said.
“If it discourages people from coming, then so be it. We have got to think of the families.”

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