Neighbour forgives chopping incident

AFTER waiting for the past 15 years on the criminal justice system to list the case against his neighbour for trial on a charge of chopping him, a man yesterday told a judge and jury that time had healed his wounds.

Ryan Nancoo told Justice Rajiv Persad in the San Fernando High Court that he forgave Lalchan Maharaj for allegedly chopping him on August 23, 1995 while they were watching a game of cricket.

The trial of Maharaj, 42, began yesterday in the Third Assize Court before Persad, on a charge of attempted murder of Nancoo, 37.

State Attorney Jayanti Lutchmedial opened the case before a jury of nine members and told them that Nancoo and Maharaj were neighbours in 1995 and both families had an ongoing feud.

Maharaj met Nancoo at Chapman Park, Duncan Village, near San Fernando, on the night of August 23, 1995, while they were attending a game of windball cricket.

They both lived nearby at Dumpfreys Road. Maharaj. whipped out a meat cleaver and chopped Nancoo on the right hand. Nancoo came to the witness box. When asked about what happened on that night, Nancoo said Maharaj chopped him on the hand. And then he said, “But I forgive him for what he did to me. We are neighbours for a long time.”

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