My Gripe – Secret Probe – We are Pawns in a big game

By Sandrea;-

I cannot understand why anyone would be surprised that the security service is secretly investigating the travel activities of individuals, families and the the likes.

The effects and fall-out of 9/11 has given governments across the world the blue-print to tap into every aspects of our lives. We simply have become “pawns in a big game”.  Everyday, I would imagine that aspects of our lives, whether it is social, travel,entertainment, employment etc, has been the focus of some kind of investigation.

On September 11, July 7, terroist activities changed for good the way in which we conduct our lives.  They have ensured that our daily activities will be probed and scrutinised by the security forces across the globe.

Irrespective of whether, any contraptions are systems that they have put into place net one single terrorist or terror suspect is irrelevant.  These systems are ones we will have to tolerated.  If it is not done openly then you can guarantee it will be undertaken covertly.

Civil right campaigners may be furious, rightly or wrongly. But it would be naive of them to believe that our security forces would not be targeting individuals or specific groups.  Wherever, it is deemed that there is a hot-bed of terrorist activities anyone going to frequently, are coming from these places are going to be subjected to probe , monitoring and surely be targeted.

In this climate, where terrorist activities is disrupting lives on a daily basis, we may not have this in our country everyday.  However there are other countries which has to be dealing with terrorism everyday, watching hundred of their citizen murdered or maimed.  So, it is not unreasonable to believe that security forces are going to put in place some kind of measures to effectively deal with these incidents, and try to prevent them if they can.

In my opinion, if we really want to remain safe from terroists and their activities then unfortunately we have to tolerate some intrusion into our life.  Terroism would become impossible to to fight it the security services did’nt  intrude into our lives.  This is the price we have to pay, a small price, given the magnitude of 9/11.  We do not want to see another devastation like that again.  After all, did we not fight two world wars, million of people lost their lives, in order to preserve our freedom, where is the difference?

Terrorist do not rest, security services can’t either.

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