My Gripe – May Child’s Month

By Sandrea;-

I recently found out that this month (May) is designated child month – Contribution.

5 year old murdered victim and her Dad
Evan Spencer

They may be gone but they will never been forgotten.

They will always be in our hearts and soul and be the beacon of constant reminder of how callous and downright disgusting some members of the human race can be

May their tiny souls rest in peace.

However, I cannot see how anyone could feel like celebrating child month, given that a number of children have lost their life so callously.  We should be treating children with respect, loving and caring for them, nurturing them, yet all that one can see is the total devastating and malicious manner in which children are been treated.

It is bad enough having to slap a child when they misbehave, and most people would not even consider disciplined their children by smacking them.  Yet we have parent who are not only smacking their them, but kicking, shaking and burning them.

Where they are not being ill-treated by their parents they are gunned down, having their throats cut.

On this Sunday, I would like everyone to join me in remembering the two children above that has their lives taken away from them so cruelly, one by the gun the other having his throat slashed.  For those how we have no picture of, let us remember them wherever they are.  Let us pray for their tiny souls and hope that we do not have to see anymore of this evil

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